Binding to a Windows Store AppBar button text

Is it possible to bind to the AppBarButtonStyle Caption?

In this tutorial you will learn how to bind to the AppBarButtonStyle Caption in a Windows Store App. You might need this if you have a list of buttons with the same icon but variable text.


Default behavior

When you decorate a Windows Store App Button with a style from StandardStyles.xaml, your buttons will look like this:


A typical button style from StandardStyles.xaml has this XAML code:

<Style x:Key="FolderppBarButtonStyle" TargetType="ButtonBase" BasedOn="{StaticResource AppBarButtonStyle}">
    <Setter Property="AutomationProperties.AutomationId" Value="FolderAppBarButton"/>
    <Setter Property="AutomationProperties.Name" Value="Folder"/>
    <Setter Property="Content" Value="&#xE188;"/>

The Button Text AutomationProperties.Name is hardcoded in the style. First I tried to bind this value using {Binding Name} but this did not work.


The trick is to put the binding on the Button instance as an attached property like this:

<Button AutomationProperties.Name="{Binding}" Style="{StaticResource FolderppBarButtonStyle}" />
Written by Loek van den Ouweland on February 29, 2016. Questions regarding this artice? You can send them to the address below.
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