Notify Google to re-crawl your sitemap

It is not easy being a website. You can build the most beautiful website but if no-one can find it, what good does it do? Being visible on Google is important. One of the tools you have to make your pages known to Google, is to put them in a sitemap. But did you know you can also tell Google to re-crawl your sitemap?

You can use the Goole Search Console to tell Google where to find your sitemap.


What if the sitemap changes?

I read different answers regarding this question. After submitting your sitemap, Google writes:

Google will periodically process it and look for changes. You will be notified if anything goes wrong with it in the future.

But there is also a feature that some people call Sitemap Ping which adds your sitemap to the list of sitemaps Google should crawl.


I can’t tell you if this feature really makes a difference but on the other hand, I also found no evidence it hurts. So if you submitted a sitemap and want google to re-crawl it, you can use this link:

Google will tell you:

Sitemap Notification Received

I hope it will help you to speed up re-crawling your site when things have changed.

Written by Loek van den Ouweland on December 02, 2019. Questions regarding this artice? You can send them to the address below.
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