Adsense. You don't have any transactions for this billing period

Why doesn't your Adsense account show transactions for the past billing period?

I recently started with Google Adsense to show ads on this website. The Payments report shows transactions, grouped by month.

I started at the last day of September and when I first looked at the Payments report, I saw that the starting balance for September was €0,00 and ending balance €0,77. During October I never saw transactions for that month but the default report showed Impressions and Estimated Earnings. I searched online and some advice was to just wait. Since I’m not expecting huge amounts, I decided to wait until November.

Yesterday was the first of November and the October report still showed:

You don't have any transactions for this billing period

adsense october

Solution. Just wait more

I’m happy to say that in my case I just needed to wait a bit more. Appearantly it’s normal that no transactions are shown in the current month and after the month is over, it takes a while to process the transactions.

Today is November 2nd and now the transactions for October showed up:

adsense november

I hope this helps you too when you are new to Google Adsense and were wondering why you do not see transactions.

Written by Loek van den Ouweland on November 02, 2019. Questions regarding this artice? You can send them to the address below.
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