App development for everyone

Have you ever wondered how all those apps get onto your Phone? Someone has to program them! Steve jobs said in a 1996 interview: *I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer*. Do you agree with Steve? So what is programming exactly? What do you need to create an app that runs on your iPhone or Android device? If you have little or no experience in programming, live in Berlin and want to get into app development, my free training might be for you!

What is app development for everyone?

App development for everyone is a free training that I organise via a meetup.

app dev for everyone

During this training you learn how to program with technologies like Javascript, Python and C#. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or have some experience and want to brush up your skills. You will learn the basics about programming languages, platforms, variables, loops, datatypes, statements and expressions. While learning these basics, we will slowly build an app or game together!

Is it free?

Yes. I started programming in 1984 and cannot remember a time since without working with computers. I truly love programming and like to share my knowledge with everyone who wants to learn, so this training is free.

Loek typing code

What do my students say?

I met Loek in his capacity as organizer of Meetups aimed at introducing beginners to programming, which was a great opportunity to experience him as a teacher and tutor. I credit his generosity, sense of humor and of course his contagious enthusiasm when sharing his knowledge with sparking my interest in exploring the field further. - Elisa V.


Great venue, great people. This has become a fixture in my calendar. I’m having trouble with the programming language and despite the difficulties, the presentation is lively and well paced and there is plenty of help available. Loek has generously opened his doors to us and is eager to have us feel at home which further facilitates learning by promoting the right kind of relaxed atmosphere conductive to learning a challenging new skill in a group. As a learning quality manager, trust me on this ;-) - Alex C.


I started the course knowing nothing about programming. I have a secret suspicion that I am in the minority of absolute beginners. However, two sessions later, I am still enthusiastic. It’s not a piece of cake - programming is so pernickety that things almost always go wrong. But full marks to the course leader Loek. He is a great communicator, presenting the subject in a lively, engaging way and then giving you time to work it out yourself. - Anna W-K.

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