Send email without subject

Are you slightly annoyed when you write a quick informal email and your email client says: “Your message doesn’t have a subject”? If you are in the email-client-writing business, perhaps this article can show you an alternative way to send emails without a subject

What’s the problem?

Suppose you are writing a quick message and skip the subject like this:

no subject

Sometimes it just does not make sense to add a subject to a trivial email. But every email client I tried in the last 20 years will pop up something like this:

annoying popup

An email subject might be helpful but why does it have to be mandatory? Look at how gmail even makes a missing subject no big deal by just displaying a portion of the email body:


Anyway, I understand it might be helpful to enter a subject. So…

How can we send an email without a modal dialog to warn about a missing subject?

What we need is a clear way to inform the user that he or she is about to send an email with or without a subject. And why not just show it as plain text like this:

missing subject

Now the user is informed and can still send the email with one mouse click. Or the user may add a subject. And if he or she does, we change the text on the button to “Send”:

with subject

That way we can ban yet another modal dialog once and for all!

ban modal dialogs

Written by Loek van den Ouweland on May 02, 2016. Questions regarding this artice? You can send them to the address below.
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