Here you find an overview of my work during the last twenty-five years. I have written millions of lines of code, created countless designs and trained so many people, it would be too much too list everything. What follows is a summary of the projects I am most proud of in my career.

2020-today Python for everyone

In 2020 I created a Python training where I teach beginners how to create their first programs and help professionals how to understand Python better.

I currently offer two courses: Python Basics Training and Object Oriented Programming with Python.

Python Training

The training is offered as a classroom training and is available on Udemy

Object oriented programming in Python on Udemy

The feedback I get from my students is that the courses are well structured, with lot’s of practical examples, they had a lot of fun during the training and it convinced them that programming at any level, is not magic, but a learnable skill

Loek at the Volkshochschule Berlin

2019-today Aliens Bring Change

In 2019 I started a game studio in Berlin. I make games for KaiOS and Windows 10. Among the titles are Mahjong Solitaire, Solitaire Battleships, Solitaire Cards, Memory and many others.

KaiOS Games

Game on KaiOS

Windows Store Games

Aliens Bring Change Game Studio

2017-2019 Microsoft Mixed Reality Studio

As Senior Software Engineer for the Microsoft Mixed Reality Studio in Berlin, I created Holographic Applications for Hololens for our customers in Germany. For Toyota Material Handling, I programmed the application flow for a Holographic Warehouse Simulation, demonstrated here by Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft:

Satya Nadella

Hololens for games

The Hololens is also a fantastic gaming device. The following video is of a hobby project I created in my spare time. I use my XBOX controller to move a holographic fish through the office:

Hololens Studio

Public speaker

I speak at conferences like Microsoft Bootcamp Amsterdam, Technical Summit Darmstadt, MVP Seattle, GUI an Design conference Berlin, DWX Developer week Nürnberg, Spartakiade Berlin, Developer Open space Leipzig.

Loek at Microsoft technical summit

2017-2019 App development for everyone

App development for everyone is a free training that I organise via a meetup in Berlin. During this training you learn how to program with technologies like Javascript, Python and C#. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or have some experience and want to brush up your skills.

Loek typing code

You will learn the basics about programming languages, platforms, variables, loops, datatypes, statements and expressions. While learning these basics, we will gradually build an app or game together!

2015-2017 Microsoft Todo

Microsoft To-do, the sucessor of Wunderlist, built to integrate with and use Exchange Online.

Microsoft Todo

Wunderlist had a huge fan base and in 2016 it was officially replaced with Microsoft Todo. Having worked on both products, it was a proud moment to see the announcement in the Berlin subway.

Microsoft Todo

2013-2015 Wunderlist

Wunderlist for Windows 10 was built between 2015 and 2016 and runs on tablets, laptops and Windows Phones. It is part of a large family of apps that run on Windows, iOS, Android and the web.

Wunderlist 10

When Microsofts CEO Satya Nadella was asked about his favourite app on his homescreen, he made us very proud by saying it was Wunderlist

Wunderlins on Satya Nadellas Phone

Wunderlist for Windows 8 was built between 2013 and 2015 and runs on tablets, laptops and Windows Phones. The prototype below was created for Windows 8 tablets.

Wunderlist 8

File Commander (2012-2014)

Filecommander is a Universal Windows file manager that allows you to organize files from tablets, phones and laptops.


File commander

2004-2013 Toverstudio

Between 2004 and 2013 I worked as a freelance Trainer and Software Engineer. Here is an overview of the projects that I’m very proud of.

-work in progress, coming soon-