My name is Loek van den Ouweland.

Passionate software engineer and trainer with 25 years of experience. Creator of Wunderlist for Windows, Microsoft Todo and Mahjong for Windows.

I helped a large number of companies to design and build software, while coaching and training their employees.

I believe that exchanging knowledge is a vital part of a healthy work culture so I speak at conferences, publish on my blog and youtube channel and teach professionals online how to learn and get better at Python.

In 2019 I founded Aliens Bring Change, a game studio in Berlin, where beautiful games for KaiOS and Windows 10 are created.

On this website I write about the technologies that I work with, like Javascript, Python, Rust, HoloLens, Visual Studio, Unity3D, C#, Git, HTML, my work on Wunderlist and Mahjong Solitaire

I worked for great customers like:

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