If you use scaling to shape an object in Blender and then import it in Unity, the scaling properties need to be preserved. If you want to keep the scaling in Unity reset to 1, you need to apply the transformation before exporting. This tutorial will tell you how.

Apply transformation when exporting from blender to unity.

If you scale a cube like this in Blender:


And then export and import it in Unity, the scaling needs to be preserved:

import in unity

If you reset the scaling in Unity to 1, the object will be shown as a cube.

Preserve transformation

apply in blender

Notice how the scale properties have been reset to 1 and the object remains its shape:

apply in blender

export in blender

import in Unity

Notice how the scale factor remains 1 and the object looks like the thing you exported in Blender.

Written by Loek van den Ouweland on 2019-08-02.
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