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Cross platform development with C#

Are you writing apps for multiple platforms? Do you wonder what you can and cannot share when writing C# for Windows Phone, Windows 8 and WPF?

Me and Christian Lang tell you all about it! We’ve prepared a great talk where you learn how to write an application and convert it to a multi-targeted app. The goal is to write native apps that respect the UI paradigms and capabilities of the platform, while sharing as much of the code as possible in the Business and Data layer:


We talked & coded at the .NET user group here in Berlin:

speaking at .NET user group

And we will talk again at Spartakiade (March 23, 2014) and at Developer Week 2014 (July 14-17, 2014) in Nürnberg.


Come to see us talk about Cross Platform development with C# at Spartakiade in Berlin or DWX2014 in Nürnberg. Can’t make it? Send me an email ( to discuss the possibilities to talk at your company!

Written by Loek van den Ouweland on March 04, 2014. Questions regarding this artice? You can send them to the address below.
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