Are you developing a Python application and get the error report dialog in case of crashes? This can be very annoying and here you learn a way to disable that message once and for good.

Disable 'Python quit unexpectedly' dialog on macOS.

You are developing your Python application and it is perfectly normal to create (and fix) a lot of bugs while writing code.

But every time you run your code and an exception occurs, macOS throws this dialog in your face:

Python quit dialog

macOS Crash reports

Is it useful to have crash reports? Every time an app crashes, a crash report is created and can be read by clicking the Report button or by starting

Python quit dialog

Error reports can be a big help finding what went wrong but perhaps you want to disable the modal dialog while developing an app.

Disable crash dialog

To disable the dialog, enter the following command in the Terminal:

defaults write DialogType none

Enable crash dialog

defaults write DialogType prompt

Read more about the default command at

Written by Loek van den Ouweland on 2020-03-27.
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