Are you working with files and folders on your windows 8 device all day? Do you want total control over copying, moving and deleting files? With mouse and touch? Chances are that the windows explorer just isn’t enough for you. But read along because you've come to the right place!

Dual pane metro style file manager gets first update.

Thank you for downloading FileCommander from the Windows Store and giving me some great feedback. Most requested features were operational things like a Folder-up button and SkyDrive support. While I’m still working on SkyDrive support, I have finished File Commander Version 1.1 and you can download it from the Store right now.


What is new in File Commander 1.1?

Sharing files with other apps

Just select one or more files and use the share charm to share with your favourite apps like mail:

sharing with other apps

Copy path to clipboard

Copying the path to the clipboard is a feature I use a lot in Total Commander.

copying path to clipboard

Folder-up button

To go a folder up, you can press Backspace or click in the path (which works as breadcrumbs) but on touch screen devices having a Folder-up button works better:

folder up

More info about copy, move and delete actions

You asked for it, you got it! FileCommander now tells you how many folders and files you are going to copy, move or delete. While processing you see the current file and overall progress.

more info

In case of conflicts like overwriting files, the commander tells you exactly what you will overwrite with what.

Even more in version 1.1:

You need to remind only one thing

windows storeFileCommander is created to be the best dual pane file manager for Windows 8. I will continually be working on it and together with you improve it with each version.

You can download FileCommander from the windows store:

It’s free to try for a month and if you like it you can continue to use it for $2,49 (€1,99).

Written by Loek van den Ouweland on 2013-06-18.
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