Some Big Sur Windows have an inline-title bar that can be difficult to grab, especially if 90% of the title bar is filled with buttons and text. Here you find a command to enable a title bar that shows only the icon and title.

Enable draggable title bar on macOS Big Sur windows.

Since Big Sur you see Windows like this:

As you see, many controls share the title bar and it can be difficult to grab and move the window.

There is a way to get back the "old" title bar with just the window controls, icon and title, like this:

Enable old-style title bars.

To enable old-style title bars, execute this command in the Terminal:

defaults write -g NSWindowSupportsAutomaticInlineTitle -bool false
-g for globally (all apps)

Restart opened apps or just reboot and open a Finder. Now the Finder should show the old-style title bar.

Note that not all applications use the same window styles. The 'NSWindowSupportsAutomaticInlineTitle'-setting only applies to windows that respect the setting.

Written by Loek van den Ouweland on 2021-09-14.
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