Are you working with files and folders on your windows 8 device all day? Do you want total control over copying, moving and deleting files? With mouse and touch? Chances are that the windows explorer just isn’t enough for you. But read along because you've come to the right place!

FileCommander: A Windows 8 Dual Pane File Manager App.

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A lot of people look for beefed up file managers and if you have ever used software like Norton Commander or Total Commander you understand the power of dual pane file managers. Not completely satisfied with the touch-based existing ones, I started investigating the windows 8 file system. Soon I had a working file manager and after spending almost three months, I got it to a point were it is stable to copy, move, rename and delete files and folders.

A lot of work went into a robust mechanism that anticipates all things that can go wrong while working with files. And a lot of things can go wrong, I’ll tell you that!

FileCommander in the Windows Store

As of today the windows store has a new app: FileCommander:

on surface


dual pane interface

copy files

powerful searching

windows storeYou can download FileCommander from the windows store. It’s free to try for a month and if you like it you can continue to use it for $2,49 (€1,99).

Future Features

FileCommander is under active development. Future features are: dropbox and skydrive integration, charms integration, font viewing, internal text editor, zipping and a lot more!

Written by Loek van den Ouweland on 2013-06-01.
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