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Coding help for people in a hurry: Just give me an example!

justgivemeanexample website

During the last weeks I set myself the task to create a website with Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Javascript, HTML and CSS. I wanted to host it myself and ordered a VPS with Linux/GNU on it. I kept a log of the process and looking back, it was the most intense learning process I’ve experienced in a long time. After 25 years of professional Windows development, almost every technology I played with, was new to me. From C# to Python, from SQL Server to PostgreSQL, from Microsoft Internet Information Server to apache and from managing a server via remote desktop to SSH-ing into a headless Linux/GNU distro.

Some things will never change

Luckily, some concepts stay the same, no matter on what platform you are on. Things like the HTTP-request/response model, validation, navigation and how to create an app in general. Often I had something in mind an needed an example of how to do it in Python, Django, Apache or Linux.

You know what you want, you just need an example

During the process, I got really annoyed that it can take so long to find decent examples online. Basic questions like “How do I format a date in Python” or “How do I join tables in Django” can lead to countless discussions. There are people that instead of answering, will tell you that what you want is wrong or ask you why you would you do do a thing like this. Some people are downright rude and tell you not to waste their time before you read the documentation or tell you that your question is already asked.

Of course there are many helpful people online but unfortunately there’s more ways to block you in your productivity. Even if the information you are looking for is right in front of you, it is covered by newsletter-overlays, adds, cookie warnings and other mechanisms to desperately make money of content and in the process frustrating you.

So I decided to make a database with coding examples that is used by two types of people:

Both tasks should be done with the least amount of obstacles.

The result is the first version of

Help wanted

You can help me enormously by adding your code examples to the database.

add example

Written by Loek van den Ouweland on 2019-05-15.
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