How my car got the most beautiful name.

Lau Doppelvau.

In 2008 I bought one of my most beloved cars I ever owned. A BMW 318 Station Wagon.


Even if I bought the car when it was 8 years old, it only had 38.000 Kilometers on the dial. It literally belonged to an old lady.

My friends made fun of my love for this german car and nick-named it "Lau Doppelvau".

And as always, nick names are reappropriated. In dutch we call such names: "Geuzennamen". And it became a meme:


Lau Doppelvau

If you wonder what Lau Doppelvau means...Doppelvau literally means Double V. And double V is VV, A.K.A. W. So BMW became BM doppel V. And doppel V had to rhymed and became Lau Doppel-Vau.

Yeah, I'm not saying it makes sense but I still liked the name my friends gave my beloved car.

Written by Loek van den Ouweland on 2011-05-12.
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