How Toverstudio gets a new corporate design.

New Toverstudio corporate design.

Since I started my own business as a freelancer back in 2004, I have worked as a digital product designer and have trained .NET developers how to create Rich Internet Applications with Silverlight. I have done a lot of projects and have enjoyed working on all of them. I am very lucky that almost all of my many customers are nice people who hire me to create great user experiences for them.

Time flies when you are having fun and I can’t believe that it already has been seven years. A lot of things change over years and so do corporate designs. My original design was created by Monique back in 2003:


I still like it because it marked the beginning of a new career. Starting a business for the first time is something you can only experience once! Over the years I made some design changes and until recently my logo looked like this:


In december 2010 I decided I wanted a new corporate style and asked Monique if she could help me again. The first design she created was the one! At this moment she is working on a graphic design for my website and the business card designs are ready so I sent them to the printer yesterday. This is what they will look like:


The logo on the card is done with something called Spot UV and I’m looking forward to see the results.

Written by Loek van den Ouweland on 2011-03-04.
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