When you want to write something down, and time is important, you just want to click an icon and start typing. Unfortunately most productivity apps, hinder you when you want to be productive. Having to login, having to decide what type of document you want to start...NO! you just want to type some text and decide later what to do with it. Here is web app that does exactly that!

Text-writer, a plain text editor in the browser.

Start Text-writer in a new browser window.

What does it look like?

Here is a screenshot of Text-writer in the browser:

The editor lets you write plain text and has the option to clear the document. A few things for you to consider:

Install Text-writer on your computer

Text-writer is a progressive web app that can be quasi installed on your computer. It is not really installed, it just means that you run the app in a native Application Window. That way you can put in on the Windows task bar or macOS dock.

To do this, first open Text-writer in a new browser window.

Then click the "install App" button:

The app now opens in a Window.

At this point you can keep it in the dock on macOS or drag it to the task bar or start menu on Windows.


Text-writer can be uninstalled by clicking the hamburger menu and click Uninstall:

Install Location

On my machine (MacOS, Brave browser), Text-Writer was installed here:

~/Applications/Brave Browser Apps/Text-Writer.app

Install on mobile

Text-Writer also can be installed on mobile:

Written by Loek van den Ouweland on 2021-08-26.
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