Do you need some information snacks for in the train, car or when you walk with your headphones on? Here is a list of podcasts I have listened to at least twice.

Podcasts with replay value.


Death by black hole, Neil DeGrass Tyson

13 April 2007

Let me start by saying that almost anything that comes from is worth listening to and this one is one of my favourites. Neil DeGrass Tyson talks about his book Death by black hole which I can also recommend. Reading the book feels a lot like reading Bill Brysons A short history of nearly everything.

In this podcast DeGrass Tyson picked chapters from his book and makes it a great addition to it. Like how we perceive the universe, the goldilocks effect, black holes, fear of numbers and his number one scientist: Newton. Tyson combines astrophysical facts and comedy which makes this a very enjoyable podcast.

Death by black hole - Science & the city

Behaves so strangely, Radiolab

Radiolab hosts Jad and Robert have Professor Diana Deutch as a guest. She studies sound and talks about a strange phenomenons she stumbles upon when performing post production on audio CD’s. One great example is how speech can become music.

Behaves so strangely

A universe from nothing, Lawrence Krauss

23 January 2012

Another great source for science podcasts, the American museum of natural history published this podcast where theoretical physicist Lawrence Kraus answers the question why (or how) there is something rather than nothing. Lawrence is also a great communicator who takes you on a trip from the Big Bang to present times. Will the universe collapse or keep expanding?

A universe from nothing with Lawrence Krauss

Complexity & Stupidity, David Krakauer

11 July 2016

Sam Harris interviews mathematical biologist David Krakauer who runs the Santa Fe Institute. David talks about computation in nature, complex systems, networked adaptive systems, entropy and the opposite of entropy: Information

Complexity & Stupidity

Written by Loek van den Ouweland on 2016-09-27.
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