Visual Studio for Mac is an awesome tool. It allows you to use your C# skills to write cross platform apps, Unity scripts, .NET core libraries and much more. If you use Visual Studio both on Windows and on Mac this list of shortcut-keys to perform common actions on each platform might come in handy.

Visual Studio hotkeys you cannot live without. Windows and Mac.

This article assumes a clean installation of Visual Studio without third party tools like Resharper.

Description Windows hotkey Mac hotkey
Move a line up ALT + +
Move a line up ALT + +
Format document CTRL + k, CTRL + d + i
Sort and remove usings CTRL + r, CTRL + g not defined (*)
Build solution CTRL + SHIFT + b + b
Delete a line SHIFT + DELETE not defined (*)
Smart Tag (Quick fix) CTRL + . +
Comment multiple lines CTRL + k, CTRL + c + /
Uncomment multiple lines CTRL + k, CTRL + u + /
Start without debugging CTRL + F5 + +
Start with debugging F5 +
Stop running SHIFT + F5 + +
Toggle Breakpoint F9 (fn) F9
Debug, Step over F10 + + o
Debug, Step into F11 + + i
Debug, Continue F5 +

(*) Add key bindings in Visual Studio for mac

If a menu option is not available as a shortcut, you can add it yourself.


Written by Loek van den Ouweland on 2018-04-28.
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