What does a Windows Phone look like?".

Windows Phone 7 at Atos Origin.

Yesterday I demonstrated how to create a Windows Phone 7 application with Expression Blend at the Atos Origin Microsoft Unit where I worked from 1999-2004. There were some great discussions about the relation between iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, HTML5 and Silverlight. After finishing the demo someone asked how to deploy the demo to a real phone.

LG Windows Phone

I brought my friend and co-worker Fons Sonnemans to the meeting. Fons is one of the lucky guys in the Netherlands who has a real LG Windows Phone. (Courtesy Matthijs Hoekstra at Microsoft). We deployed the demo to the phone and people could actually use it on the phone.

me and the phone

me and the phone

I would like to thank Rob Hodzelmans and the rest of my old colleagues for a great evening!

Written by Loek van den Ouweland on 2010-09-08.
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