Does the volume have impact on clipping sounds?

Windows Phone SoundEffect clipping.

Today I’ve noticed some strange behavior on my Windows Phone. I was working on a game which uses the SoundEffect to play wave files.

_match = SoundEffect.FromStream(TitleContainer.OpenStream("Audio/m-match.wav"));
_match.Play(.5f, 1f, 1f);

The _match SoundEffect was the only sound that was played at a lower volume level than 100% and was the only sound that did not play at all. When I changed the code to


It worked again. So I opened the wave in my wave editor, adjusted the volume there and saved it. This time some clipping occurred.

It seemed like a part of the sound was missing. In the emulator everything worked OK. I tried different wave formats (mono/stereo/16bit/8bit) but the clipping occured every time on the device.


I just found out what the problem was. The volume of my phone was at a low level — not off — and it seems that the Phone has some sort of gate mechanism that cuts of sounds if they are not above a certain level. Turning the volume up did the trick. Like Rakim said: Pump up the volume!

Written by Loek van den Ouweland on 2011-02-16.
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